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Make-N-Take Kit

Designed to give kids practice in important number skills, our Make-N-Take kit is the perfect way to make sure your K-5 students continue the learning at home. What‘s fun and unique about our Make-N-Take kit is that families play a role in making their games!
Make-N-Take leveled game packets

Supplement one of our Family Math Night kits or use separately!

The station includes 6 different games: 2 games for each level-beginning, intermediate, advanced. Each student will go home with a bag of games and game pieces from their level.
Beginning Level
Balloon Bunch Capture and Go 4 the Win reinforce beginning place value, addition and subtraction to 20, and making a 10.
Intermediate Level
Place Value Shuffle and Number Shuffle reinforce place value to the hundreds place, greater than/less than, even/odd numbers, and basic addition and subtraction skills.
Advanced Level
Number Shuffle and Cake Walk reinforce place value to the hundreds place, even/odd numbers, multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers, 1- and 2-digit multiplication, division facts, and fractions on a number line.

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Detailed Kit Contents

All game boards and game pieces

Represents one sample at each level

The complete kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes:

  • 40 Go 4 the Win game boards
  • 40 Balloon Bunch Capture game boards
  • 40 intermediate Number Shuffle game boards
  • 40 Place Value Shuffle game boards
  • 40 advanced Number Shuffle game boards
  • 40 Cake Walk game board
  • 80 sets of 10-frame 0-10 number cards
  • 40 set of blank 10-frame number cards
  • 120 sets of intermediate 0-9 digit cards
  • 120 sets of advanced 0-9 digit cards
  • 80 intermediate place value boards
  • 80 advanced place value boards
  • 40 sheets of stickers
  • bingo chips
  • 40 white pawns
  • 40 yellow pawns

Warning: Contains small parts - not intended for children under 3 yrs old.

Continue the learning at home!

Complete Kit

The complete Make-N-Take Kit serves 120 K-5 students and includes 40 of each level.

Item Cost English Spanish
Make-N-Take Complete Kit (Gr. K-5) $450
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Individual Levels

Make-N-Take levels also sold separately. Each set comes with individually packed game boards and game pieces for 40 students.

Item Cost English Spanish
Beginning Level (Gr. K-1) $175
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Intermediate Level (Gr. 2-3) $175
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Advanced Level (Gr. 4-5) $175
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Custom orders for a specific number of students are also available. Please call for details at 800.605.5034

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