Family Math Night – Recruiting Volunteers via

Family Math Night – Recruiting Volunteers via

For any Family Math Night event to be successful you’re going to need to recruit volunteers. For a Nifty Numbers event, you’ll need volunteers to help run your stations. You may also decide to have someone take care of the photocopying.

A super easy way to recruit these volunteers is by using I know this because I actually set up a mock family math night event using their service. It’s FREE. Plus I wanted to get a feel for the process.

I loved it! I started by watching the short instructional video on the site which I found to be clear and informational. From there I went ahead and created my sign-up sheet. The set-up was intuitive enough for me to have the whole thing done in just a few minutes. And what I really liked was that I could list specific jobs I needed volunteers for and then give a detailed description of what was required for those jobs. That would allow people to sign up for exactly what they were interested in.

But my favorite thing was receiving my Nifty Numbers Station Facilitator email reminder two days before my mock family math night reminder. I love the idea that I don’t have to run around tracking down my volunteers or spend my evenings calling them to remind them of their assignments. SignUp took care of all of that.

Having gone through the whole SignUp set-up and liking it, I knew it would be a good match for my Family Math Night kits. So I contacted them. The quick response I got back and the enthusiasm for the idea of linking VolunteerSpot and Family Math Night was exciting. They even wrote a blog and included several graphics specific to Nifty Numbers Family Math Night as a guide for the Family Math Night Coordinators. Check it out here.

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    1. Thanks, Jessica! VolunteerSpot has made it that much easier to host a Family Math Night event and that means there will be more family math night events going on. And families doing and talking about math in a fun environment…well, that’s a great thing!

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