Family Math at Home

A single place that pulls together all the free resources and products that we offer that can help parents and their children do math activities together.

Family Math Night - Home Edition

Family Math Nights are usually done at school but we created one that families can do at home. Watch the video below for tips on making it a special event. The video also includes instructions for doing four home-friendly activities for grades K-5. Click an activity below to access convenient video bookmarks and useful resources for that activity.


Dice Games
Who Am I?
Totem Pole

Additional Home Edition Resources

Organizing your Event More What Do You Notice? Ideas

Additional Free Resources

Math Activities

Fun math activities parents can do with their children with minimal resources needed.

Tips for Parents

Useful tips for parents to help their children with math.

Reinforce Math at Home

Parent Guide

A parent guide designed to help families support math learning at home. Learn more

Take-Home Games


Continue the learning at home with fun games that reinforce important math skills.

Play-N-Take 2

Based on our popular Play-N-Take kit, Play-N-Take 2 provides a whole new set of fun and engaging skills-based games.


Give students practice in important number skills with creative games that kids take part in making.

Dealin' Digits

Reinforce number skills with these fun and engaging card games that students can carry with them.

Power Packs

Games that teach parents strategies and tools to help their children build strong math skills.