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What Do You Notice? poster – Crossed Lines

What Do You Notice? poster – Crossed Lines

Here’s my latest What Do You Notice? poster.  All you need is inch graph paper, a black sharpie, and small circular stickers (or two different colored sharpie pens to draw in the circles).

Title:  Crossed Lines
K-2:  colors, counting, even/odd numbers

3-5:  multiplication, even/odd numbers, multiples of 3, square numbers

Background Information
Crossed lines is an easy strategy for learning multiplication facts.  The horizontal and vertical lines represent the factors in the multiplication problem.  For example, in the problem 4 x 3, students would draw 4 horizontal lines and then intersect them with 3 vertical lines as is shown in the last example above.  The intersection of the lines is the answer to the problem.  So for 4 x 3, there would be 12 intersections.

To make the strategy more visible, I used colored dots to highlight the intersections.  I was deliberate in the colors I chose.  The green dots represent an even product and the pink dots represent an odd product.  Notice how all the products are multiples of 3.  At a higher level, older students may notice that 3 x 3 makes a square and 9 is a square number.

Here’s what it looked like at the event:

Beginning Multiplication: Circling Multiples

Beginning Multiplication: Circling Multiples

Here is a super easy activity to do with student who are learning multiplication. I use patterned paper or wrapping paper cut into 8.5 x 11. I place them in sheet protectors and students use wet erase markers to circle groups of a given number.

In this example, groups of 4 are being circled. Then students write the equation. An example could be: 4 x 8 = 32.

This is a great activity for younger students who are learning to count. They can get a lot of practice counting to 4…or whatever number you choose.