Power Packs: Building Number Sense in Grades 4/5

Power Packs: Building Number Sense in Grades 4/5

I’m excited to share with you that our Building Number Sense in Grades 4-5 Power Pack is now available.  All of our Power Packs are filled with games that teach parents strategies and tools to help their children build strong math skills.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, there have been a lot of changes in mathematics curriculum and pedagogy in recent years and a lot of parents don’t feel as prepared as they’d like to be when it comes to helping their child in math.  The power of these Power Packs comes in the integration of strategies and tools that parents use as they play the games with their children.  While playing the games, not only are parents learning about the new standards, they’re also gaining strategies they can use to help their child in math.

The strategies and tools in our 4/5 Power Pack are:

  • Partial Products Multiplication
  • Partial Quotients Division
  • Distributive Property for single- and multi-digit multiplication
  • Front End Estimation
  • Fraction Bars
  • Multiplying Fractions on a Number Line
  • Rounding
  • Order of Operations
  • Standard Algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Multiplication Strategies for Multiples of 10


I’ve been using games from each of our Power Packs during my recent Family Math Night events with great success.  Participants learn to play some of the games at the event and then get to walk away with a Power Pack of their own to continue the learning at home.  Click here to get a pdf describing how to use the Power Packs at your Family Math Night event.

In addition to using the Packs at your Family Math Night event, they can also be used as take-home math packs in the classroom and as classroom math centers.

If you have any questions about our Power Packs, or any of our Family Math Night products, feel free to contact us.  Our number one goal is to help you host the best event of the school year.


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