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The Negotiator ?>

The Negotiator

A recent study from Accenture found that the easiest way to get a raise or a promotion was to ask for one. Yup, 85% of those surveyed who said they had asked for a raise actually got something. It reminded me of Nathan’s recent tutoring negotiation. He was recommended, by one of his old math teachers, to the mom of a seventh grader who needed help in algebra. Her first email to Nathan did not mention the fee she was…

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A Dose of Reality ?>

A Dose of Reality

Nathan came down beaming into my office yesterday. He had been doing research for a project which requires him to think about his career goals. Nathan is lucky because he knows exactly what he wants to do when he “grows up”. “I can make $61,000 starting off as a Foreign Service Officer,” he said. “And in 15 years, it will have raised to over $95,000!” These numbers were different than the numbers he had shared with me the day before…

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Job vs Career ?>

Job vs Career

Nathan made an interesting comment recently at the dinner table. “I love Sunday evenings. Not because there’s school the next day but because I get two days off from work.” Nathan works at In and Out Burgers. It’s a great first job for a teenager. The hours are pretty accommodating to his school schedule and he gets to work with other kids his age. And then there’s the paycheck…and, apparently, the days off. But this first job has taught Nathan…

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Gas Money Lessons ?>

Gas Money Lessons

“Wish me luck,” Nathan said as he exited the room. “For what?” John and I both asked. “I’m about to call my manager and find out why I haven’t been put on the schedule.” Nathan has been working at In and Out Burgers since the beginning of summer. During those non-school months he clocked a lot of hours. And he was happy. Gas money and then some. When school started, his schedule was reduced to two nights a week for…

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