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Family Math Night Make-N-Take Kit ?>

Family Math Night Make-N-Take Kit

We all know that when parents get involved in their child’s education, student learning increases.  What better way to get parents actively involved in important skills than through fun and engaging games that reinforce classroom learning?  That’s the idea behind the newest addition to our Family Math Night kit series:  Make-N-Take Station Kit. Designed to give students practice in important number skills, our Make-N-Take Kit is the perfect way to make sure your K-5 students continue the learning at home….

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Embedded Instruction ?>

Embedded Instruction

When my oldest son was entering Kindergarten, he had an appointment with his teacher before the school year started so that she could assess where he was academically.  I remember sitting in the back of the room and listening to the two of them chat about his interests, his summer activities and his thoughts about being in Kindergarten. She then asked him if he could count to 100 for her.  Without skipping a beat, my son asked if she wanted…

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Family Math Night Collaborative Project: Number Skyline ?>

Family Math Night Collaborative Project: Number Skyline

Another fun Family Math Night Collaborative Project! Click the image to the left to get the lesson plan and to check out other great STEAM projects. And be sure to watch the video to find out which multiplication fact is the most difficult for student to learn! Common Core Standards: 2.G.A.2; 2.OA.4; 3.OA.A1; 3.OA.A.4; 3.OA.B.5; 3.OA.C.7; 4.OA.4.1; 4.OA.A.2